ISSN 1881-6169

研究紀要 No.20(2015)


題目:日本におけるディベート教育 第四部 肯定側ディベート
題目(英語):Teaching Debate in Japan Part Four Debating the Affirmative
著者:ポール・クラウジア(Paul KLOUSIA),長瀬 慶來(NAGASE Yoshiki)
要約:The process of instructing/teaching debating the affirmative proves a technical and philosophically based endeavour. The instruction of debating the affirmative incorporates specific concepts related to vocabulary terms connected to this field. As a function of a representative democratic society debate on policies, affecting the quality of life of humans as equal entities makes the affirmative position for policy change an important technique for change in society. Therefore, the instructional intent of teaching debating the affirmative provides in the following document aspects about what an affirmative position needs apply in structuring an argument creating a policy change case. Some of these aspects discussed look at the types of policy change debates including national and global laws connected to crime and human rights. The document also gives details on the best practices for testing a position for validity, testing evidence used for supporting a position, and how to understand the negative position as a part of the strategic in preparing and presenting a well-organized and factual affirmative debate stance.
キーワード:Debate, Teaching, Affirmative, Topicality, Prima Facie