ISSN 1881-6169

研究紀要 No.19(2014)


題目:日本におけるディベート教育 第三部 論理と推論
題目(英語):Teaching Debate in Japan Part Three Teaching logic and reasoning
著者:ポール・クラウジア(Paul KLOUSIA),長瀬 慶來(NAGASE Yoshiki)
要約:The basic premise of academic debate is to use logic and reasoning to make the best possible decision. Japanese schools do not as a general rule teach these concepts to their students. The philosophical differences between Confucian based societies and Greek based societies tend to minimize the importance of logic based decision making in Japan. Therefore it is necessary for teachers in Japan to introduce students to the basis concepts of logic and reasoning: deductive and inductive reasoning, fallacies and the basic types of reasoning. These are essential if the students are to effectively master debate.
キーワード:Debate, Teaching, Logic, Reasoning, Fallacies