ISSN 1881-6169

研究紀要 No.18(2013)


題目:音楽の諸要素を識別するための音源の有効性と活用法 -視覚的イメージの検討を通して-
題目(英語):Evaluating the Effectiveness and Practical Use of Musical Examples for Discerning Musical Elements through the Assessment of Visual Images
著者:小島 千か(KOJIMA Chika)
要約:There is much literature in the area of music appreciation education that shows the importance for learners to grasp the various musical elements and form as they listen. Therefore, I created musical examples for discerning musical elements and then conducted an experiment for college students aimed at stimulating an awareness of musical elements that can be applied when listening to any piece of music. I did this by getting the students to grasp the characteristics of musical elements by drawing visual images of the music as they listened. Visual image assessment showed that the activity of listening to the examples with a focus on musical elements helps students to apply the same listening method to other music pieces.
キーワード:Music appreciation, Musical elements, Musical examples, Visual images, Drawings