ISSN 1881-6169

研究紀要 No.18(2013)


題目:戦前の東京高等師範学校における教科教育法(英語教授法)の教授状況について -教授法の担当者と授業内容を中心として-
題目(英語):A Study on Teaching Conditions of "English Language Teaching Methods" in English Teachers' Training Course at Tokyo Higher Normal School Before the World War II
著者:古家 貴雄(FURUYA Takao)
要約:This paper aims to clarify the teaching conditions of the class, "English language teaching methods" in English teachers' training course at Tokyo higher normal school before the World War II.The reason why I study higher normal school is that only that school required students to take the class of English teaching methods and teaching practicum for getting a teacher's license in the scene of English language teacher education then.
The things I clarified in this paper were the following three points: first, in what systems of teaching curriculum "the English language teaching methods' classes were executed in Tokyo higher normal school, second, what persons having what kinds of qualification were in charge of that classes there, and third, what kinds of teaching content that classes involved. In conclusion, teachers of the attached junior high school of Tokyo higher normal school were in charge of the classes, "English Language teaching methods" and teaching content of the classes may be including mainly several kinds of teaching approaches and their history of English education.