ISSN 1881-6169

研究紀要 No.15(2010)


題目:多声音楽の視覚的表現 ―音楽鑑賞の指導と評価におけるその使用―
題目(英語):Visual Representation of Polyphony: Its Use in the Teaching and Assessment of Music Appreciation
著者:小島 千か(KOJIMA Chika)
要約:Assessment in music appreciation is not a matter of ranking, but rather an interpretation of some form of expression of what students have heard. Such interpretation can be based on visual evidence. The objective of the present study is to establish a method for using visual image of students while they hear music in the teaching and assessment of music appreciation. Students listened to music and were instructed to draw what they felt using colors, lines, and shapes. Polyphonic music was most suitable for teaching and assessment. By classification and interpretation of students' drawings, it is clear that their expressions represented important elements of polyphonic music that can be expressed visually. By showing students' drawings to other students, teachers are able to guide students to a greater understanding of musical structures and styles.
キーワード: Music appreciation, Assessment, Polyphony, Drawings